I am a registered Audiologist, Hearing Aid Dispenser and Hearing Therapist based in Sheffield specialising in the Rehabilitation of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

For two decades I have worked as a Chief Audiologist and Hearing Therapist within the NHS. I have previously been the lead in Adult Rehabilitation in an NHS Health Trust specialising in complex hearing losses and Tinnitus Management. I believe this background has provided me with the skills to deliver a world class service to all my patients.

I currently run a 28 clinic community Audiology service delivering NHS care pathways

I have a special interest in the management of Hearing Loss, Tinnitus and noise sensitivity (Hyperacusis). Because of this expertise I have been asked to deliver lectures to:

  • European Tinnitus Course
  • University College London Tinnitus Masterclass
  • British Tinnitus Association Annual Conference
  • RNID in Northern Ireland

I am a peer reviewer of Tinnitus research for the International Journal of Audiology and third author on a research paper examining the management of Low Frequency Noise Complaint

My professional honours include:

Former Chair of the British Academy of Audiology Professional Development Committee
Council member of the British Society of Audiology
Chair of the BSA Adult Rehabilitation Interest Group


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